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Apple stem cell anti-wrinkle cream 60 Euro

Apple stem cell  anti-wrinkle cream  60 Euro


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Tight face without wrinkles? Easy, fast?


We created our latest natural cosmetic products that have been developed are carefully chosen to promote our face and skin elasticity tightness recovery. Help has deepened your wrilnke upload and leverage.


Firming helps to smooth out wrinkles and. Natural cosmetics, which dramatically moisturizes your skin from the highest quality raw materials.


Choose a super-quality apple stem cells made from stem cells SOINS our cream contains a unique active ingredient is very high (2.5%) on the market.

This is not a simple face cream, this SOINS Swiss apple stem cell cream!



What makes it different than other anti-wrinkle, firming cream?



It includes clinical grade stem cells in Switzerland, which is extracted from the latest biotechnology conditions.

These apple stem cells has been shown to enhance the skin's cells activity, so start the facial skin stem cells renewable capacity.


Our skin becomes firmer and more flexible. This new component slows down the aging process of the skin cells, and besides the existing wrinkle corrects the depth.


A stem cell derived from apples cream serum is mixed with the containing rate of the European cosmetic active ingredient.


Other natural ingredients such as vitamin A, wild rose oil, the oil and pomegranate,  acmella extract is also very famous for their structural repair and wrinkle their impact!

So you get a cocktail in your skin, from which spectacular effects can be achieved, and the glow of your skin and smoothed.



Okay and why Soins Natural cosmetics choose?



All of our products with the utmost care and attention is made.

Not a saving the best quality ingredients and no harmful substances are not mixed into it. We believe that it will benefit from our skin care.

Be a conscious consumer.


BIO consciously look for a purchase or a chemical-free foods. Why not do the same when we choose our skin product?


Remember pollutant-free cosmetics for your choice! The natural cosmetics free from all the really good choice that will benefit from using skin care!




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19700 HUF
Package: 40g
Recommend: 35 +
Ingredients: aqua, orange aqua, jojoba oil, apricot oil,squalen, swiss apple stem cells, pomegranate oil,wild rose oil, B 3 vitamin, urea, acmella, A vitamin, E vitamin
Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Citrus aurantium amara flower water, Simmondsia chinesis seed oil, Polyglyceryl-3dicitrate stearate, Glycerin, Prunus ameriaca kernel oil, Squalene, Cetyl alkohol, Glyceryl stearate, Punica granatum seed oil, Rosa moschate seed oil, Apple stem cell, Allantoin, Urea, Xantan, Captylcapric triglyceride, Acmella flower extract, Tocopherol, Retinyl palmitate, Benzylalcohol,* Benzoic acid,* Sorbic acid* (*Rokonsal : natúr kozmetikumok konzerválószere, természetazonos nagyon jó minőségű baktérium és gombaölő )
CPNP: 2269869
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